Week 2

I had a meeting with Prof Cheok and Roshan to discuss about the project objectives and the direction that i should work towards. I have to first understand how the AI system works and how the different devices communicate with each other as it's quite a complex system. After that, a simple OpenGL test program of virtual mode should be made to test images manipulated by Bluetooth slippers. This should make use of the AI library done by Mervyn last year. This programming should be similar to OpenGL programming. Thus, I will have to try to pick that up. After that, the images should be sycchronise between this VR platform and the AI platform. Then, networking via WIFI and the Ethernet should be set up so that the AI platform connects to the Game Server (Ethernet), Virtual Client to Game server (Internet) and WIFI for shoe devices and possibly the Nintendo DS. Dance and games application should be made for the AI system, one that suits the criteria for the elderly frame work. Next, a computer should be used to emulate the Nintendo DS first to test out the feesiblity and networking of the system for the application. With that working, the Nintendo DS should be purchased with the development kit. Programming on the DS is the next step and subsequently the integration of DS+VR+AI platform.
User studies should then be done with the Elderly to test the system. A wikidot site is supposed to be set up to facilitate CAs and to keep track of my own progress. Thus, this site was born. Updates on the project will be in "The project" link.

This seems like a lot to do considering i'm the only FYP student working on this. I was going to try out the system but the transformer is being sent out for another project. So, I'm unable to run the AI platform until the transformer comes back or a new transformer arrives. Thus, I started been reading up on the AI game program and past FYP work done by Mervyn.

  • Read up on the existing game program
  • Meeting with Prof Cheok
  • Understood how the different systems connect to each other via different means of communication
  • Set up Wikidot Site
  • Understood what needs to be done in the coming weeks
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