Week 1

I had a meeting with Eng Tat online on Msn and we discussed about the scope of my FYP.

Basically, most games these days are restricted to computers which are not really user friendly for the elderly. The age invaders system aims to suit the elderly, whom do not have much computer related experience. User studies had done have shown that elderly above 60-80 years old and students from primary schools to playing together on this game system respond favorably. They enjoy the excitement of the game mainly from its interactive nature of having to avoid lasers, collecting hears etc. The game is inspired by the space invaders game and is a simple concept. The simplicity allows the elderly could get used to the game quickly. The novelty of the game is such that game parameters are adjustable in real time like the laser beam speeds etc so that different players like elderly can get used to the game quickly. The game also has the element of performance game play to suit the young players. For example, they have to follow patterns on the floors while playing the game at the same time. In addition, virtual players were added to the game so that parents who are working can participate in the game play as well through the internet. Thus, the focus of the game includes this social aspect of interaction between the different types of players. It should also challenge the elderly in terms of their cognitive abilities and visual-motor coordination.

My Fyp will work on the extension of the age invaders to create a new application that can achieve its predecessor’s aims. There is also the possibility of incorporating the Nintendo DS into the system to introduce from interactive game play. User studies can then be done to get feedback to improve the system.

My next task is to try to run the system and try it out for myself. Then, I should aim to program simple applications on the platform. This is aided by a previous FYP by Mervyn who created a graphics library for the AI system.

  • Understood FYP scope
  • Read up on some existing literature
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