Week 0

AI was my second choice FYP and i'm pretty eager to find out about what i was supposed to do. However, I missed the first meeting on 31st Jul because I went overseas before the mail was sent. I didn't have internet access available easily then. However, I managed to get in contact with Syikin who was very helpful and arranged another meeting. I was back only on 13th Aug.

However, Prof Cheok and Eng Tat (my supervisor) is overseas. Eng Tat will only be back in October. Thus, Roshan is temporarily giving me assistance though he is not previously part of the project. I was given some reading material, mainly on my FYP tasks and previous FYP student's work on the AI system. I managed to get Eng Tat's contact so that I could ask him about the project via msn if I had any queries. This lab sure seems busy and the projects here do seem to get lots of recognition, evident from the many overseas conferences.

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