Time Line

1. Literature review and building of Elderly Entertainment Framework (EEF)

2. FYP Development of new Elderly system.

Purchase of Nintendo DS and developer kits
Programming on Nintendo DS
A simple OpenGL test program of virtual mode, images manipulated by Bluetooth slippers
Programming of images on Age Invaders platform – refer to Mervyn's documentation
Synchronize images between VR and Age Invaders platform
Networking (WIFI + Ethernet)
Integration of Nintendo DS + VR + Age Invaders platform

3. Putting existing video games and physical games into the EEF and classify them. Also classify lab’s previous projects like human pacman and other type of mixed reality games

4. Carry out user studies with elderly to verify the classification.

6. Get a target group of elderly, interview them to understand their needs. Design based on the EEF what type of game would suits their needs.

The time line has changed.

Basically I am working on confucius computing.

Changed topic again. Working on toolkit. I think this is a good change since I won't have time in my fyp left and probably can't see through the confucius computing project. This will be a more linear progression i guess. Will have to change how my time line progress with this new topic.

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