Summary Of Progress Up To Ca2
  • Fixed movement of images
  • Changed coordinate system to accomodate new board arrangement
  • Decoding an image file into binary for chinese characters
  • Burning of images onto EEPROM via ethernet
  • Learn how to program with MAX/MSP
  • Made a dance and music application
    • Multiple users to compose a song random by movement
    • Able to play different instruments via vst plugin
    • Multiple music effects
    • Recording and manipulating composed song via internet
  • New concept
    • Incoporate music, dance, literature
    • New circular layout
    • Concept of "poets" (users) surrounding a pond (Projector) to collaborate and to produce a creative output. (music + calligraphy). Form chinese characters -> poem or chinese strokes -> chinese characters. Visually change the words to picture form to show origin of words.
    • Calligraphy writing system with pressure sensor (eng tat/ xiao ming)
    • Might add props like bluetooth gloves
    • Writing Paper for Cgraph Conference (in progress)
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