Rough Notes

Game application

Game has following characteristics:

  • real-time
  • interactive with elderly
  • dynamic movement (feet-only + possible handheld DS)
  • music-related
  • stimulate the mind (strategy?)
  • team building (perhaps elderly and young on the same team which is not done previously)
  • supports up to 12 players
  • non-contact

Some ideas

  • party games (mario party?)
  • old school games (hopscotch?)
  • dodgeball variant
  • quidditch
  • pong
  • team fortress
  • pacman
  • bomberman
  • wizard duel
  • sports related games


To become a Nintendo DS authorized developer:

Thank you for your interest in Nintendo DS software development.
If you are currently working with an authorized Nintendo DS licensee, please send:
1. Licensee's name and specific contact information
2. Platform you are developing for
3. Game title
4. Submission schedule
Sandy Hatcher
Software & Accessory Licensing Manager
When this information is confirmed, you'll receive a Nintendo authorized developer approval letter and a developer non-disclosure agreement.
If you are NOT working with an authorized Nintendo DS licensee, we will require some information about your company and its previous development experience. Keep in mind that we typically look for companies that are established game developers.
Please email the following application requirements to moc.aon|troppus#moc.aon|troppus:
• Your company's full legal and incorporated company name (including Ltd., Inc., Co.), address, telephone and fax numbers and a main contact and that person's email address.
• A list of the principal members of your company, and their relevant game industry experience.
• A list of published game titles (any platform).
• A list of any subcontractors, subsidiaries, branch offices or other related companies that you anticipate will aid in development. Please describe how they will serve to assist in software development.
• List any employees under the age of 18 working at your company.
Once we have this information, we can determine if it would be appropriate to send a developer non-disclosure agreement for your review and signature. We will contact you after we have made a decision.
The general terms and conditions of our authorized developer program are:
1. Developer Qualifications: An authorized developer must have demonstrated the ability to develop and program excellent software for Nintendo video game systems or for other video game or computer systems. In addition, an authorized developer must have a stable business organization with secure office facilities, equipment, personnel and financial resources in order to insure the security of Nintendo proprietary information and in order to ensure an effective environment for working with Nintendo and/or its licensees. Home offices do not meet this requirement. Nintendo provides authorized developers with highly proprietary information and many of Nintendo's licensees also rely on recommendations and referrals to authorized developers. For these reasons, Nintendo exercises a very high level of care in approving only a select number of authorized developers.
2. Confidentiality Agreement; Release of Confidential Information: Upon entering into agreements to hold all proprietary information received from Nintendo as confidential, an authorized developer will receive written software programming specifications for the platform they will be developing for, and the ability to purchase software development tools solely for that company's site. Authorized developers will have access to Nintendo's third party support website to discuss all development issues and receive technical updates. Each employee or independent contractor of an authorized developer who has access to the Nintendo proprietary information will be required to sign a suitable confidentiality agreement with the developer and/or Nintendo.
3. Game Development: Rights granted to an authorized developer extend only to the use of Nintendo's proprietary information for the development of games on the platform for which they signed the appropriate non-disclosure agreement. Rights do not extend to the right to manufacture, market, promote or otherwise exploit developed games or the Nintendo proprietary information, whether incorporated in hardware, software or accessory formats. An authorized developer may develop a game on a speculation basis or on a contract basis with an authorized Nintendo licensee. Authorized licensees of Nintendo are licensed to develop and market approved games on the system for which they have an existing Nintendo licensing agreement.
4. Software Development Kits: Approximate development costs range from $2,500 to $10,000. Financial stability is expected by approved developers in order to purchase the necessary development equipment for your project
5. Second Party Publishing with Nintendo: This program is not an offer for Nintendo to publish your game title. It is the responsibility of each developer to secure their own relationship with a third party publisher.
If you have any questions about your application or the application process, please feel free to contact Sandy Hatcher at moc.odnetnin.aon|ahydnas#moc.odnetnin.aon|ahydnas or call her at 425.861.2091.
Thank you again for your interest in Nintendo.

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